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EURECS brings together the collective experience on democracy support of the members from around Europe that make up our network. It departs from the philosophy that civil society organisations should work together to improve assistance to democracy around the world.

EURECS is a response to the belief that electoral assistance should expand in two dimensions, in both time and in space. Firstly, a long-term approach to elections based on support throughout all stages of the electoral cycle should move from ambition to reality. A broader and more integrated approach will stimulate ownership among political players and also create opportunities for concrete results. After all, when it comes down to influencing change, timing is everything. Windows of opportunity often present themselves between elections, not during.

Secondly, in addition to an integrated and long-term approach, greater space should be given to the full gambit of electoral stakeholders – including police, security, local authorities, political parties, media, civil society and religious groups – on top of the traditional support given to electoral management bodies. EURECS is our response to this analysis and is currently being used as a method for the JDID project in Jordan (see below).

Electoral Cycle Support

If you want a quick overview of what the European Response to Electoral Cycle Support means, check out the clip on the left. If you want to gain a deeper understanding of EURECS, we recommend you read the manual, which is freely available to download below. If you want to see what EURECS looks like in action, find out more about EU JDID, the EPD project in Jordan.

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