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Het Nutshuis Riviervismarkt 5,
2513 AM The Hague
The Netherlands


The Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy (NIMD) works to promote peaceful, just and inclusive politics worldwide. The organisation’s approach is characterized by dialogue: NIMD brings politicians from across the political spectrum together.

The organisation works on their knowledge and competences, and empowers them to cooperate in a constructive manner on issues that affect them, their country and the broader region.

NIMD works in more than 20 countries in Africa, Latin America, The Middle East, Asia and Eastern Europe.


Unique role

NIMD was established by seven political parties from across the Dutch political spectrum, with the aim of supporting emerging democracies through a multiparty approach. Accommodating competing voices and embracing political diversity is therefore in NIMD’s DNA. It is what makes NIMD unique as an organization.

This multiparty identity provides the organisation the legitimacy to work on an impartial basis with leaders across the political spectrum.


How NIMD works

NIMD works with local partners around the world. Together, they support political actors from across the political spectrum, and empower them to contribute effectively to sustainable development.

NIMD has different strategies to help do this. The organisation promotes dialogue between politicians from different political parties and groups, so that they can come to shared solutions on the issues that matter. It strengthens the capacities of political actors and parties, so that they have the tools they need to work responsively, effectively and accountably. And it trains young and aspiring politicians in Democracy Schools, so that they have the knowledge and skills to take up their roles as future leaders.


Strong democracies

Multiparty democracy is commonly considered as the system that provides the best conditions for human rights, the rule of law and peace and security. By strengthening political parties and encouraging collaboration between them, NIMD contributes to stronger democracies, democracies where the voices of people count, governments are accountable, and policies create the basic conditions for sustainable socio-economic development.

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