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The 2013-14 Basket Fund for Moldova was the third of its kind managed by EPD and began in October 2013. The overall objective of Basket Fund 3 was to boost cooperation, coordination, and knowledge transfer between civil society organizations from EU member states and from Moldova. More specifically, EPD aimed to facilitate the creation of long-lasting EU-Moldova partnerships. This involved bringing Moldova to the attention of new European donors, mainly new EU member states, and helping them identify suitable projects for their funding. In addition, we intended to improve the quality of projects through knowledge sharing between Moldovan and EU civil society organizations. In particular, this entails improving the quality of projects’ implementation through the direct and active involvement of EPD’s local coordinator providing the sub-grantees with tailor-made advice and assistance throughout the project cycle.


National Endowment for Democracy (NED) & The Moldovan Ministry for Youth and Sport

Project Lead


Target Groups

CSOs in Moldova, particularly those in rural or remote regions.

Funded Organisations

The call for proposals resulted in support for 5 projects.

  • Media support
  • Local Civic Activism
  • Democratic Transition
  • EU Integration Processes
  • Transnistria: human rights advocacy, independent media development, local civic initiatives, and CSOs capacity-building
  1. Organization Urma-ta and Youth involvement in promoting community journalism in Moldova project aimed at promoting community journalism amongst young people in Moldova, in this way contributing to the European path of Moldova. The project involved 10 young people, students and high school pupils interested in promoting community journalism. The articles of the journalists focused on presenting successful community accomplishments to be undertaken in Moldova.
  2. European Center Pro-Europe with the project Creating a positive perception of European integration by citizens of ATU Gagauzia. The project grant started on 1stof April 2014 with a total duration of 7 months. The overall objective aimed at providing access to viable information about the possibilities and prospects for the country’s European integration process. The project comprised activities such as radio programs and newspaper articles about the EU. At total of 235 pupils and students from Gagauzia’s rural areas conducted debates while tackling EU values such as democracy, human rights, freedom of speech, and free mass media.
  3. Association Implica-te with the project Portavocea Europeiaimed at creating an online radio with youth participation in Rezina showcasing youth the successful achievements in the field of cooperation from the countries involved in the project: Moldova, Romania, and Denmark.
  4. Association Sud-Est Junior with the project Strengthening the independence of online media through know-how transfer from EU– The main objective of the project was the transfer of experience and best practices from European journalists to the editorial team of portal. The activities of the project involved learning techniques of investigative journalism by the members of the editorial team and carrying out journalistic investigation under the supervision of the partner journalists.
  5. Association ProCommunity Center with the project Active Youth Clubstargeted increasing youth participation in community development through the creation and improvement of sustainable support structures in three selected communities from rural areas, located on the border with the Transnistria region-district. The project was started with the cooperation of the local public authorities from different localities for establishing a partnership to create the youth clubs. Following this project the Pro-Community Center received a grant in spring 2015 to continue this work from the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
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