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In the framework of the implementation of the EU-funded programme Creating a Space for the Participation of Myanmar’s Civil Society in Policy Dialogue, EPD’s Programmes Coordinator – Anna Zangrossi – and Programmes Advisor – Sergio Rodriguez Prieto – travelled to Myanmar to meet with project partners People In Need (PIN) and Loka Ahlinn (LA).

The programme aims at mobilising local civil society in Myanmar and enhancing its participation in formulation and implementation of public policies and programmes. The main activities include technical assistance, capacity-building, advocacy and policy monitoring and are addressed to CSOs, local networks, local authorities, regional and national media, regional and state parliaments and business associations.

During this second visit to Myanmar a first round of Collective Assessment Workshops took place in Mandalay, with CSOs from Shan and Mandalay, and in Mawlamyne, with CSOs from Mon and Kayin. At present, the dialogue processes are ready to start: the stakeholders attending these workshops identified the main topics which will need to be agreed upon by partners and then submitted to the EU for validation in December 2016.

In addition, EPD, PIN and LA representatives conducted a field visit to the project “Solutions for environment prevention and land issues” promoted by the Network for Social Development and Peace (NSDP). In this context, beneficiaries and political representatives expressed their views and concerns on the impact of the mine in the neighbouring village. The visit to the mine site and the interviews with village families better clarified these concerns, and pointed at the effects of land-grabbing, farming restrictions, water and air pollution.

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